About Community Peace

To achieve Community Peace, PUEBLO emphasizes working with residents, business and government to establish policies, procedures and programs for resolving issues through cooperation, dialogue and compromise.

Coalition for Police Accountability

The Coalition for Police Accountability‘s mission is to place on the November 2016 ballot a measure that has been drafted by Oakland residents to establish a Police Commission with the power to monitor, audit and supervise the Police Department to ensure that OPD practices are Constitutional, do not evidence racial profiling, and that officers who violate policy are held accountable for their misconduct. The Coalition includes a diverse representation of community organizations and leaders working on this issue, including PUEBLO. For our latest activities, please visit www.coalitionforpoliceaccountability.wordpress.com. Follow the Coalition on Facebook and Twitter.

Restorative Justice

PUEBLO began to explore the research on restorative justice in 2012, joining the Alameda County Task Force on Restorative Justice for Youth convened by Superior Court Judge Gail Bereola. It then held two informational sessions at our offices with expert panelists and have collaborated with other providers to create an innovative strategy to address issues of the formerly incarcerated and those who are at risk of offending. PUEBLO”s first restorative justice training session has be completed and was facilitated by Gary Malachi Scott, an individual who was incarcerated and learned how to facilitate circles while in prison. Currently, PUEBLO is working, with the support of the California Endowment, to complete its survey of Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPC) to engage at least 500 East Oakland residents to assess interest and willingness to apply restorative justice practices. A pilot program with the Oakland Police Department is being considered as a means to help to keep our youth from being incarcerated. This would be accomplished by offering training to Oakland residents so that they can deal with offenders in their neighborhoods through restorative justice practices.

Oakland Youth Policy Builders

Oakland Youth Policy Builders was founded in 2011. The initial work was based on a survey of 700 high school students attending OUSD public schools on their relationship with the Oakland Police Department (OPD). The survey indicated that a majority of youth had at least 1 negative experience with police and did not know they were able - or how to - file a complaint, either through internal affairs or the Citizen's Police Review Board(CPRB) if necessary. To address these issues, a group of youth formed to make policy proposals aimed at ameliorating this relationship by promoting community policing, along with accountable and professional policing by. Two policies were proposed in 2012, one has been made an official part of OPD policy and the other is still under construction.
The group is currently working on outreach to let Oakland residents know about the OPD business card policy (read policy here) which became active in June 2013, and to gather data and information to work on the technical details for the other policy.


Pathways to Employment

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Healthy Neighborhoods

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