About Healthy Neighborhoods

Healthy Neighborhoods is about bringing together and ensuring that resources and information are available to support the residents to be able to eat, exercise, and socialize in healthy ways.

Youth Greening Oakland

The YGO program is a job skills and school/community garden stewardship program that works with young adults and students in various gardens around the East Oakland area. The program helps communities and schools to establish open spaces for the youth to plant, harvest, learn eco sciences and cook nutritious meals with the food that they've grown.

The youth on the Castlemont High School program learn about where food comes from, food waste, planting and growing, water conservation, sustainability, health & nutrition, environmentalism, and community outreach. They also learn how to communicate effectively on the job through open dialogue and problem solving in an outdoor classroom setting. Currently, YGO is working in a beautiful garden maintained by the students. Through projects and activities such as, but not limited to; farmer’s market visits, guest lectures, pruning workshops, academic conversations, mentoring opportunities with younger students, and collaborations with other organizations such as the Oakland Zoo, local farms, and volunteer opportunities, the YGO teams have enjoyed contributing positively to their community and working closely with their each other.

Additionally, PUEBLO is operating gardens at Madison Park Academy. This is a day time educational program in which 100% of K-5 students (approximately 270 students) visit the outdoor garden classroom for one hour each week to study science and nutrition, maintain a garden, and manage the food scrap composting program. This hands-on program aims to improve nutrition awareness and habits, develop and strengthen science comprehension and inquiry skills, as well as provide opportunities for leadership.

Finally, PUEBLO operates a garden at Rudsdale Continuation School. The purpose of operating this garden is to offer critical support to teachers and students to ensure that a school can maximize the educational potential of the garden. PUEBLO staff lead garden science and nutrition education classes, while providing professional development training for teachers in the process. Students assist in the maintenance of the garden while at the same time learning about the steps in the food production cycle.


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