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PUEBLO Weighs in on Measure Y

PUEBLO presented at the Measure Y Oversight Committee meeting on Dec.19th. Gwen Hardy was one of the speakers who urged the Committee to hold off on issuing new RFPs for the final three years of the Measure Y term. PUEBLO believes that current providers should have their contracts renewed for an additional six months while the Oversight Committee and the City Council re-visit violence prevention priorities.

PUEBLO has been looking into the issue of violence prevention, consulting with experts in the field and doing considerable research into 'best practices.' We believe that this is not the time to issue requests for proposals as currently proposed by the Department of Human Services (DHS). The Mayor has not yet released her 100 block public safety plan and there has not been enough interaction with Alameda County's realignment plan for the thousands of Oakland residents who are being released back into our community from state prisons. Similarly, more collaboration is needed with Oakland''s Workforce Investment Board (WIB) so that job creation and job placement are cornerstones of the efforts to make Oakland's streets safer.

PUEBLO will continue to urge City Council members and the Measure Y Oversight Committee to not do 'business as usual' and pass the proposed allocations. We believe time is needed for further collaboration with City and County leaders and programs so that the Measure Y funds can be used more efficiently and effectively. If Oakland residents cannot see evidence that their Measure Y tax dollars are, in fact, contributing to a decrease in violent crimes, it is not likely they will vote to renew Measure Y funding when it expires in 2015.

So, if the City is committed to renewing Measure Y efforts to create a safe community, PUEBLO encourages them to take the time needed to coordinate, collaborate and unify violence reduction strategies with all key partners before establishing program priorities for the next three years. Extend current grantees for an additional six months, engage in community outreach and engagement, dialogue with County partners and the Mayor's Office, and then come forward with proposals for the final two and a half years of Measure Y efforts.

Created: 12-22-2011

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