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CPRB presents to Oakland Youth Policy Builders

On Thursday, February 2nd, Patrick Caceres, the Manager of the Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB) and Policy Analyst Ryan Hunter came to the PUEBLO office to dialogue with Oakland Youth Policy Builders. OYPB is reviewing a survey of 700 high school students in Oakland which revealed that 75% of students who reported negative encounters with police did not file a complaint about the incident. Other survey responses indicated that the vast majority of students were not aware that they could file an administrative complaint against police officers either with Internal Affairs or with the CPRB.
During the session, the participants learned what the process was for filing complaints and why it is important to do so if they feel police behaved inappropriately. Manager Caceres and Analyst Ryan also talked about how filing complaints helps to shed light on policy problems that need to be addressed. An example offered was how the number of complaints about police shooting homeowners' dogs prompted the CPRB to investigate the police department policy on what to do when encountering dogs in a residence. They found that the Oakland Police Department really didn't have adequate written policy on this issue, so it would be hard to sustain complaints since there was no policy to guide officers' decisions.
The OYPB participants asked lots of excellent questions and learned a great deal which they plan to share with their peers, and which may guide their own policy proposals they are crafting to improve the relationship between young people and police officers.
For more information on the survey, go to: http://www.peopleunited.org/cspa/article.php?id=68

Created: 02-04-2012

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