Youth Plant Trees and Garden

Last summer, the PUEBLO Youth Greening Oakland (YGO) team had the opportunity to work on great projects around district 7 and beyond. Firstly, we continued our stewardship of the gardens that we had been working on since the previous summer/ These projects included our ongoing collaboration with Suzanne at the Stonehurst garden where we planted and harvested many wonderful fruits and veggies and prepared the soil for the orchard that will be planted there this month. Our work at the Stonehurst garden which we helped start in the summer of 2011, has been very educational and rewarding/ The youth appreciate Suzanne Ludlum's wisdom and the opportunity to work with elementary school children. We also continue our work at both Castlemont High School and the King Estates community garden.

YGO participated in a wonderful program at the Oakland Zoo. In partnership with CALFIRE, and the horticulture team lead by Roseanne Dal Bello, we planted almost 150 trees, removed fire hazardous shrubs from the park, and helped with gofer & deer control. At the end of this project one of our YGO youth, David Monzon, was hired full-time on the horticulture team at the zoo. The team also received family passes and certificates of project completion. We learned so much at the zoo and the youth gained a sense of pride and empowerment.

Another of our exciting collaborations occurred with an organization called Kijani Grows. Along with founder Eric Maundu and SUDA founder Timothy Bremner, we learned amazing ways of growing crops without soil using what's called an aquaculture garden. Together we built and supplied our own garden with fish and seed. We also had the awesome opportunity to team up with youth in Guatemala that were doing similar alternative garden projects. This was so exciting for the YGO team since some of them and/or their families are from Guatemala, and they were able to learn a bit about the things that they share in common with students from other countries.

In the end the YGO team really accomplished a lot last summer. The youth volunteered, worked with other Oakland youth, and added valuable experience to their resumes. Many of them expressed the desire to work with PUEBLO in the future, and have started their own gardens at home

Created: 12-04-2012


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