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Oakland Youth Learn Construction Skills

My name is LaTonya Short. I recently joined PUEBLO in November 2012. PUEBLO is running a program for foster youth and kids who are on probation. I am a foster youth attending Fremont high school in Oakland, CA.
This organization has helped me in two ways: my senior project, which I am doing on foster care and maintaining a job while attending school. During the summer, I worked at Quizno’s on Hegenburger and had to quit because I had to attend summer school and they disagreed to work around my school schedule. PUEBLO provides that opportunity.
In November 2012, PUEBLO placed me at a construction site on 35th and Herrington Street. The houses we were working on are opened to the community and the slots have been filled, but they’re for low renovations. The people who stay in those houses have trusted PUEBLO and their kids to work on their house to provide a better living for us and them.
During this time, we were tearing down dry rot and replacing it with new wood; we had to put a hole inside the ceiling of the house because outside of the chimney had termite damage. In order for it to not collapse, we had to reseal the top of the ceiling. We used sheet rock, topping mud, plaster, measuring tape, nails, sheet rock nails, hammer, and a hand saw. Also, we did the upstairs by creating a doorway from the kitchen to the dining room, with many of the same materials. The pictures we are posting here are showing you us working hard and as a team.

Created: 03-29-2013

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