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PUEBLO sponsors Vertical Farm

Green Skies Vertical Farm is a project that is testing unique new methods of vertical agriculture while taking advantage of unused urban spaces. Our goal is to create a system that can be easily reproduced in vacant lots throughout urban areas in the US and abroad.
Green Skies Vertical Farm combines the following ideas:
• Grow food where your consumers are to eliminate the majority of transportation and refrigeration expenses and to provide a fresher product.
• Have your farm be in an area where lots of potential customers will see it so that it will market itself.
• Use vacant lots to grow the food which will help beautify cities and take advantage of an underused resource.
• Create a system that is modular and can be set up and removed in a short period of time to use vacant lots that may not be available for long periods of time and to be more appealing to land owners.
• Create a system that uses all external inputs so that it can function regardless of the land upon which is stands. (I.e.- it doesn't matter what the substrate is- asphalt, cement, dirt, weeds or if the soil is contaminated or not).
• Create a system using commonly available and inexpensive materials so that it can be easily reproduced in other areas of the US and the world.
• Create a system that works well enough for someone to earn a living wage from their hard work.
We broke ground on the farm on April 15, just three months ago. Our farm is located in West Berkeley at the corner of 5th and Channing streets. Our farm stand is open every Wednesday from 3:00-7:00 pm. Come purchase our organic produce and visit the farm. If you would like to visit at another time, it is best to make an appointment. Volunteers are also always welcome. In either case, please e-mail us at farmer@gsvfarm.com

Created: 07-26-2013

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