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PUEBLO Holds Mayor Quan Accountable

On July 22, PUEBLO members and allies arrived at Mayor Quan' office to ask her what her position is on transferring the intake of complaints from Internal Affairs to the Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB). As a City Council member, Ms Quan was an advocate of this PUEBLO initiative, and continued to express support as she ran for Mayor.
Although the City Council allocated $1.4 million to staff up the CPRB in the 2011-2013 budget, the Mayor's appointed City Administrator Deanna Santana has failed to implement this policy.
PUEBLO had requested an appointment with the Mayor to discuss recent statements by Ms Santana that indicated plans to house the new investigators in Internal Affairs rather than the CPRB, and to find out if the Mayor agreed with that position, which would be a reversal of her previous commitment. Although the Mayor was not in her office, representatives of the group were able to meet for over an hour with the Mayor' Chief of Staff, where they were assured that the Mayor continued to support the transfer.
Within hours, PUEBLO was notified of the Mayor's wish to meet with them by the end of July, and PUEBLO members will continue to argue for the swift implementation of this long-overdue move to improve the quality of police oversight in Oakland.
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Created: 07-26-2013

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