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It's Time to Act!

It's time to act! We want citizen complaints to go to the Citzens' Police Review Board instead of Internal Affairs! The City Council passed a resolution to close Internal Affairs to complaints and send them to the CPRB but without funding, it won't happen. Although the City Council, the Mayor and the City Administrator favor this proposal, without funding to hire additional CPRB intake staff, it can't be done.
Since the City faces an overwhelming financial deficit, the best way get the resources required is to incorporate the funding for CPRB staff into the revised Measure Y initiative being written by the City Council right now!
Switching the complaints from Internal Affairs to the CPRB provides many benefits: the work gets done for half the cost, police officers are re-assigned from reading complaints to fighting crime, and we get a more independent and credible form of police oversight.
Call your City Council representative NOW and tell them they must include funding for this proposal in their revised Measure Y ballot measure!
This 'no brainer' won't happen if we don't seize the moment to obtain the resources to make it happen!

Created: 07-18-2010

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