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Jean Quan: Civilianizing Police Complaint Process

We finally have posted the video clip of Jean Quan addressing PUEBLO's 21st Anniversary Dinner. The dinner was in the immediate wake of the final call which pronounced Jean Quan's victory in the 2010 Oakland Mayoral Race. Soon to be inaugurated, Quan cites several promising priorities for her coming term. Of particular interest to PUEBLO were the intentions she expressed about reuniting Oakland by backing our youth, her acknowledgment of the grassroots organizing that got her successfully elected, and, most of all, her statement about seeking to civilianize the CPRB--something PUEBLO has been pushing for for quite some time now. In order to have a safer and more just social environment here in Oakland, our elected officials need to follow through on their words and listen to what the people call for, especially surrounding the systemic injustices perpetrated by the Oakland Police Department! We hope Jean Quan can have a positive impact.

If the embedded video below is not functioning, you may also view the video by clicking the link below or finding our user account on YouTube called PUEBLOakland.

Quan Words at PUEBLO's 21st Anniversary Dinner

Created: 12-15-2010

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