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A Call to All Potential Fruit and Vegetable DONORS

Urban Youth Harvest

As the Spring leads into Summer, UYH is looking forward to its fifth summer of bountiful harvesting! We are still looking for fruit and vegetable donors as we work to expand our program so that we can continue to provide seniors in Oakland with fresh produce. If you would like to support Urban Youth Harvest in our efforts and you have a surplus of fresh produce in your yard, please CONTACT US!!!

UYH Donors donate the EXCESS fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs that grow in their yards. The youth of UYH job training summer program are responsible for harvesting the Donor's excess produce and distributing it to low-income seniors in Oakland. Thus, to be a Harvest Donor is very low-commitment. By becoming a Harvest Donor, one is merely putting their harvest on the UYH Donor List, so that if and when they have an excess, the UYH can schedule a convenient time to glean and collect what might otherwise go to waste.

To make Oakland as food self-sufficient and healthy as possible, we are working to make our Harvest Donor List as comprehensive and inclusive as possible.

This year, PUEBLO hopes to roll the UYH program out for at least nine weeks and double the number of fruit and vegetable donors. Additionally, we would like to include health-promoting and flavorful herbs, like rosemary, thyme, mint and lemon balm, often very expensive commercially, but bountiful in Oakland.

We will enrich the value of our program with health education for the employed youth- teaching them about the disparities that exist in health care, the specific health issues of seniors, and the relationship between diet, social class and health. We will introduce them to possible career options which are related to agriculture, nutrition and health services, as well as provide training in research skills, leadership and community organizing.

The UYH serves to connect Oakland residents to one another bridging generations and backgrounds, and connecting people with their neighbors-their community. PUEBLO's Urban Youth Harvest is a win not only for Oakland residents with fruit trees,but also for the recipients of this fresh produce, and the young harvesters who find meaningful employment building community and supporting the health-needs of Oakland's seniors. It is easily sustainable and eco-friendly, promoting both food equity and food security, and an important part of Oakland's effort to transform food policies to meet the needs of its most vulnerable residents.

The harvested food, which includes oranges, apples, plums, lemons, grapefruits, peaches, pears, figs and other locally grown delicious and nutritious fresh produce, would otherwise fall off the tree and go to waste. To re-distribute the excess food found in our community to those that otherwise don't have access to it, just simply makes SENSE.

We hope to have your support this Summer!!!

Created: 03-31-2011

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