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Police Accountabilty Needed NOW!!!!! Ya Basta!!!!!

As the Riders’ Negotiated Settlement Agreement heads toward a resolution within a year or so, there is considerable concern about what will follow it, in the way of civilian oversight of the Oakland Police Department. OPD has shown resistance to the mandated reforms, causing and additional three years to be added to the original five year period during which they were supposed to come into compliance.

What will happen when the Police Department is no longer Monitored and overseen by a Federal judge? Will OPD go back to doing things the way they used to? Will Mayor Quan mistakenly believe that adding civilians to Internal Affairs will increase public confidence and encourage the filing of complaints, or will we finally be able to close Internal Affairs to citizens’ complaints and increase the scope of the Citizens’ Police Review Board which many in Oakland don’t even know exists? Will we have an Office of Inspector General who operates within the police department, or will we have an overseer with subpoena power who is placed elsewhere in the City’s bureaucracy? After Judge Henderson, what?

If you care about police oversight and accountability, join the many organizations and individuals working with PUEBLO to ensure that Oakland has a vigorous, independent. civilian oversight agency as we move forward.

To learn more, be sure to read Ali Winston's article published in The Informant: As Bay Area Police Scandals Spread, Independent Oversight Models Shift. Also, please feel free to email or call PUEBLO anytime to engage in our work!!!

Created: 04-07-2011

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