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Community Forum on Oakland Police Conduct

You're invited to share about your recent interactions with the Oakland Police Department. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 01-27-2016

Poetry for The People

An evening of poetry, music, and food as we raise funds to place an initiative for an Oakland Police Commission on the 2016 Ballot. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 01-07-2016

PUEBLO Supports BSCC Investing in Community Care

PUEBLO joins the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Californians United for a Responsible Budget, and many other community partners in mobilizing Oaklanders and other Alameda County residents to make their voices heard about how the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) should spend the Proposition 47 savings » Read More
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26th Anniversary Celebration

Thursday, November 12th, 2015 at 6:00 PM
Join us to celebrate our 26th anniversary on Thursday, November 12th at La Estrellita restaurant in Oakland with delicious appetizers, refreshments, a little dancing, and lots of community-building! Tickets are $25-$50 and can be purchased online at www.pueblo.brownpapertickets.com or by mailing a check to PUEBLO. » Read More
Pathways to Employment | Created: 10-22-2015

PUEBLO Board Supports Task Force

PUEBLO Board endorses AB 1118 to establish a Procedural Justice Task Force » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 04-23-2015

City Council Delays Vote

Oakland City Council puts off vote on an adoption of a motion to consolidate walk-in citizen complaints against the police » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 04-22-2015

PBS NewsHour Interviews Rashidah

PBS NewsHour interviewed Rashidah about racial profiling in Oakland » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 12-23-2014

Meet PUEBLO Co-Founder Gwen Hardy

At our 25th Anniversary Dinner, Gwen Hardy was recognized for her ongoing commitment and activism, helping PUEBLO to achieve success in many of our campaign objectives. » Read More
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PUEBLO 25th Anniversary

Saturday, December 6th, 2014 at 6:00 PM
On December 6, PUEBLO will celebrate its 25th Anniversary at its annual dinner fundraiser. » Read More
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PUEBLO Hosts new CPRB Director

On August 25th, at Humanist Hall, PUEBLO hosted a 'meet and greet' for Anthony Finnell, the newly hired Executive Director of Oakland's Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB). He discussed background and his vision for how Oakland can better hold police accountable for their conduct and remain in compliance with the standards of the Negotiated Settlement Agreement that require constitutional policing. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 09-19-2014

OYPB Offering Know Your Rights Workshops

In late April, PUEBLO’s Oakland Youth Policy Builders kicked off our series of Know Your Rights Workshops at Merritt College, » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 05-09-2014

Report on Restorative Justice Survey

During the summer of 2013, PUEBLO surveyed Oakland residents about restorative justice. » Read More
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Dr. Victor Rios Event Awesome

Dr. Rios grew up on the streets of Oakland, and his book Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys (NYU Press), based on his own experiences, analyzes how juvenile crime policies and criminalization affect the everyday lives of urban youth. » Read More
Healthy Neighborhoods | Created: 04-13-2014

Oakland Needs Effective Police Oversight!

It's time to create an effective means to hold the Oakland Police Department accountablefor performance delivery and to lessen the outrageous amounts of money in pay outs for police misconduct that robs Oakland of vital resources needed for services. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 04-04-2014

New Campaign on Indiegogo

Check out our new campaign to increase support for our work in promoting restorative justice in Oakland! » Read More
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PUEBLO's twins excel at Yale!

We are now both sophomores at Yale – Jack is double majoring in Political Science and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Kim is an Ethnicity, Race & Migration major. » Read More
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Rashidah at Forum on police community relations

On February 22nd, Rashidah was invited to participate in a forum on police community relations hosted by the Oakland Black Officer's Association, Children's Defense Fund, and the Brotherhood of Elders Network, convened by David Muhammad and attended by many prominent civic leaders. The discussion ranged from topics like Cease Fire to community policing and recruitment and retention. Many speakers related their own personal experiences growing up in Oakland with the police and the problem of perception about police in many flatland neighborhoods. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 03-09-2014

PUEBLO offers training in restorative justice

Introductions –greetings, group guidelines, building rapport activity • What is restorative justice and it’s practice • What are the procedures of a circle process • Introducing childhood trauma concepts in the area of discipline verses punishment and guilt and shame • Closing activity (1st Week Goals building trust/relationships- understanding restorative justice practices-and some childhood trauma concepts to ease into week 2) 2nd Week February 15, 2014 (10:00am – 4:00pm) • Group Activity • Understanding Childhood Trauma • Core Belief system • Defense Mechanism/Distorted Thinking Patterns • Creating Empathy/ Victim Awareness (Crime Survivor shares story) • Closing Activity 2nd Week February 18, 2014 (6pm – 8pm) • Group Circle Process (2nd Week Goals- recognizing harm and causative factors of behavior patterns as well recognizing how harm impact others) 3rd Week February 22, 2014 (10:00am – 4pm) • Facilitation Techniques and Skill • Building and Conducting Circles 3rd Week February 25, 2014 (6:00pm – 8:00pm) • Group Circle Process (3rd Week Goals – for Pueblo members to receive basic facilitation skills to conduct circles) » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 03-01-2014

Rashidah on Stanford Law Clinic Panel

On December 12, » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 12-13-2013

PUEEBLO Attempts to Confront Compliance Director

On Tuesday, December 10th, PUEBLO and the Ella Baker Center tried to meet with OPD NSA Compliance Director Tom Frazier. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 12-12-2013

Davey D Cook Accepts PUEBLO award

If you missed our recent dinner, here's a glimpse of some of the sights and sounds.... » Read More
Healthy Neighborhoods | Created: 11-20-2013

Tremendous turnout for PUEBLO dinner

November 9th saw a huge turnout of supporters to honor PUEBLO's 24 years of work on behalf of Oakland residents of color, youth, immigrants and other marginalized communities. Attendees were treated to delicious Carribean and soul food dishes, raffle prizes, and many just couldn't resist getting up to dance to the vibes of the Carribean Allstars. Honoring Davey D was a highlight of the evening and Davey's remarks will be posted here soon. In the meantime, check out the photos: » Read More
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PUEBLO Youth Programs Video

PUEBLO wants to share a short video that highlights some of the wonderful activities PUEBLO provided for Oakland youth as a part of our various programs that educate, develop skills, encourage leadership and community awareness. » Read More
Healthy Neighborhoods | Created: 11-11-2013

PUEBLO Youth Complete Wage Fairness Project

PUEBLO Youth Complete Wage Fairness Project was funded by the California Endowment, providing funding to several Oakland youth groups to administer a project to advance social justice. PUEBLO's youth submitted a proposal to survey day laborers about whether or not they had ever been paid less than they were promised, asked to work extra hours without compensation, or not been paid at all after working. Their findings are summarized below. We are very proud of the excellent work this group did in less than two months' time. Congraulations! » Read More
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Saturday, November 9th, 2013 at 6:00 PM
PUEBLO's 24th Anniversary Dinner Nov. 9th at the First Congregational Church at 2501 Harrison Street from 6:00 to 8:30 PM » Read More
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Mayor Quan Compromises Police Reform

Some of Mayor Quan’s most fervent supporters have warned her that if she does not immediately change course regarding the implementation of the City Council's clear policy regarding the Citizens’ Police Review Board, they may no longer be able to endorse her bid for a second term. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 09-03-2013

Youth Wage Fairness Project

The Wage Fairness Project is a group of five students and a project of PUEBLO. Our goal is to interview day laborers in East Oakland about wage theft, which is when employers underpay workers, pay them late, or do not pay them at all for their labor and create laws to protect them. The Wage Fairness Project is a group of five students and a project of PUEBLO. » Read More
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PUEBLO Holds Mayor Quan Accountable

On July 22, PUEBLO members and allies arrived at Mayor Quan' office to ask her what her position is on transferring the intake of complaints from Internal Affairs to the Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB). » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 07-26-2013

PUEBLO sponsors Vertical Farm

Green Skies Vertical Farm is a project that is testing unique new methods of vertical agriculture while taking advantage of unused urban spaces. Our goal is to create a system that can be easily reproduced in vacant lots throughout urban areas in the US and abroad. » Read More
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Santana subverts will of City Council

June's Public Safety Committee continued to hear one excuse after another from Ms Santana about the difficulties she faces in implementing the long-overdue reform. Even more distressing was her characterization of the proposal which would insert civilians into Internal Affairs, rather than the CPRB. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 07-10-2013

Rudsdale's Green Teens

PUEBLO staff Renee Peoples and Diana Escamilla have been hard at work at the Garden program that began in March of this year, assisting students in learning sustainable living skills through the creation of a large garden. With a small budget, students that I affectionately call my Green Teens from Rudsdale and SoJourner Truth schools have been busy transforming a beautiful piece of land adjacent to their school into a vibrant garden. » Read More
| Created: 07-07-2013

OPD Must Civilianize Positions

The City Council must include in its 2013-2015 budget a provision to civilianize at least 25 positions instead of incurring the expense of 4 police academies. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 06-10-2013

Pinole Farm Grand Opening Awesome!

Pinole Creek Incubator Farm is nestled in between Briones and the City of Pinole, 20 minutes outside of Oakland and 12 minutes from the Orinda BART. This farmer incubation project on EBMUD watershed land along the Pinole Creek aims to improve food sovereignty for vulnerable urban communities by developing a vertically-integrated network of fresh food enterprises inked to the stewardship of public lands. » Read More
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Harvest Time Approaches

As harvest time approaches, PUEBLO's Urban Youth Harvest is about to get underway. If you have more fruit than you can handle, give us a call at 510 535 2525 and our youth will come and glean what you can't use We donate the produce we harvest to low-income seniors and others who can't afford or don't have access to fresh produce. » Read More
Pathways to Employment | Created: 05-06-2013

The Start of Tassafaronga Community Garden

In the summer of 2011, PUEBLO's Youth Greening Oakland program teamed up with Acta Non Verba to do the heavy lifting and prepare the soil for Tassafaronga's first community garden. We did outreach to the surrounding community and here's a short interview about the process from those who participated. » Read More
| Created: 05-05-2013

Pinole Farm Grand Opening

On Saturday afternoon, April 21 » Read More
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Oakland Youth Learn Construction Skills

Youth are learning construction skills which will help them develop careeers. » Read More
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Youth Plant Trees and Garden

Last summer (2012) the PUEBLO YGO team had the opportunity to work on great projects around district 7 and beyond. Firstly, we continued our stewardship of the gardens that we had been working on since the previous summer, these projects included our ongoing collaboration with Suzanne at the Stonehurst garden where we planted and harvested many wonderful fruits and veggies and prepared the soil for the orchard that will be planted there this month. » Read More
| Created: 12-04-2012

Oakland Post on PUEBLO

The following is a reprint of Jesse Allen Taylor's article on PUEBLO's work over the past twenty years to improve police accountability in Oakland. With the Dec.13 date fast approaching for a federal court hearing on the fate of the Oakland Police Department, the City of Oakland might have avoided a court takeover of OPD if it had followed the advice of a local grassroots police watchdog organization. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 12-04-2012

PUEBLO Youth Honored at Dinner

At PUEBLO's 23rd Anniversary Dinner on November 10th, PUEBLO Program Directors Oscar Arciniega and Leon Dockery awarded several of their outstanding trainees for their curiosity, dependability and consistency as they have learned skills in auto repair and home construction skills. They are earning money as they acquire both job and life skills training that will provide career and business opportunities for them, and they are also earning money to continue their education and acquire either a diploma or a GED. Congratulations to all for a wonderful kick off of this new program supported by the Private Industry Council and Alameda Social Services. » Read More
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Growing Plants Without Soil

That is what Youth Greening Oakland teens did last summer at Castlemont High School when they built an aquaculture garden.An aquaculture garden is an indoor garden that is fertilized using fish. A fish tank is connected to the garden. Plants are grown using gravel instead of soil. » Read More
| Created: 11-27-2012

---new article---From Rashidah

Check out Rashidah's comments on the strategies and approach to community safety that actually work, and cost far less than our current programs in public safety. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 11-25-2012

Interview with Rashidah on KPFA

Rashidah Grinage, PUEBLO's Executive Director, was interviewed by KPFA's Kitty Kelly Epstein on her bi-weekly program called "Education Today." Police accountability was discussed, along with the progress made by PUEBLO's Youth Policy Builders in getting some reforms intended to improve the relationship between Oakland police and youth. » Read More
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PUEBLO Dinner Resounding Success

PUEBLO's 23rd Anniversary Dinner attracted a diverse representation of our community. One of the main elements of the program was the celebration of our youth employment program which featured several of our youth receiving awards from their instructors. Another special moment was provided by the recipients' of PUEBLO's Community Leader Award to Robert Gammon, Ali Winston and Joaquin Palomino of the East Bay Express for their investigative reporting of the Oakland Police Department's ongoing challenges. » Read More
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Saturday, November 10th, 2012 at 6:00 PM
PUEBLO will celebrate its 23rd Anniversary on November 10, 2012 at the Jack London Aquatic Center, 115 Embarcadero (along the Estuary) between Oak Street and 5th Avenue. Dinner tickets are $35 on a sliding scale and can be purchased on line by going to www.peopleunited.org and clicking the 'donate' button. » Read More
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Attorneys John Burris and James Chanin called a press conference on Friday, October 5th to detail the reasons for their filing a motion with Judge Thelton Henderson that requests the appointment of a Federal receiver to 'enforce' the portions of the Negotiated Settlement Agreement with which the Oakland Police Department remains non-compliant. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 10-05-2012

PUEBLO co-sponsors Candidates

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 at 7:00 PM
PUEBLO is co-hosting a Candidates' Forum on Public Safety on Wednesday, October 3rd at the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. All of the candidates for City Council Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7 as well as the At-Large Council seat and City Attorney have been invited. » Read More
Healthy Neighborhoods | Created: 09-12-2012

Does Oakland Need a Police Commisison?

Sign this petition if you feel Oakland voters should have a choice!

» Read More
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Professor Sam Walker addresses ACLU

Nationally-recognized expert on police practices and accountability, Professor Emeritus Sam Walker made an appearance at the Paul Robeson Chapter of the ACLU annual event. He addressed issues of civil liberties related to the expansion of homeland security, and discussed the need for more civic engagement to pressure municipal governments to reign in unacceptable police practices, such as racial profiling. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 05-20-2012

Youth Proposals to Chief Jordan

OYPB members met with Chief Jordan on May 10th to propose policies to improve the relationship between youth and police in Oakland. Please sign this petition to express your support for these initiatives. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 05-17-2012

OYPB presents at "Heal the Streets"

On Saturday, April 21st, Oakland Youth Policy Builders was represented by Andrea Guzman and Saleem Shakir at the Ella Baker Center's "Heal the Streets" event at the Eastside Cultural Alliance Center. After an intense "participatory research" activity which featured dramatic scenes of urban youth challenges, where the audience was invited to intervene, Andrea participated in a panel discussion with youth leaders from Youth Together, the Ella Baker Center and the HOPE Collaborative, discussing the challenges and rewards of being a youth leader in Oakland. » Read More
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Desley Brooks meets with OYPB

“Your policies will have some impact.” This what City Council member Desley Brooks told members of the Oakland Youth Policy Builders on April 5. The group met with Brooks to discuss the policy proposals for the police department they have brainstormed. » Read More
Healthy Neighborhoods | Created: 04-15-2012

OPD Captain Tracey Dialogues with Youth

OPD Captain Ed Tracey, head of the Training Division, visited PUEBLO\'s Oakland Youth Policy Builders on Thursday, March 15th to discuss their ideas about how the relationship between Oakland police officers and youth might be improved. Captain Tracey is a twenty-two year veteran of the Department currently in charge of training. » Read More
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CPRB presents to Oakland Youth Policy Builders

On Thursday, February 2nd, Patrick Caceres, the Manager of the Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB) and Policy Analyst Ryan Hunter came to the PUEBLO office to dialogue with Oakland Youth Policy Builders. OYPB is reviewing a survey of 700 high school students in Oakland which revealed that 75% of students who reported negative encounters with police did not file a complaint about the incident. » Read More
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Judge Henderson Considers Sanctions

On January 9, Judge Thelton Henderson heard a motion brought by Riders' Plaintiffs Attorneys John Burris and James Chanin that sought Federal sanctions for officers who had covered their name plates during Occupy eviction actions by the Oakland Police Department. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 01-09-2012

PUEBLO Weighs in on Measure Y

PUEBLO presented at the Measure Y Oversight Committee meeting on Dec.19th. Gwen Hardy was one of the speakers who urged the Committee to hold off on issuing new RFPs for the final three years of the Measure Y term. PUEBLO believes that current providers should have their contracts renewed for an additional six months while the Oversight Committee and the City Council re-visit violence prevention priorities. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 12-22-2011

PUEBLO presents at OaklandWorks Town Hall

PUEBLO presents at OaklandWorks Town Hall on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011, from 5:30 to 7:30 at the West Oakland Senior Center, on1724 Adeline St. OaklandWorks is an alliance of several community groups who have joined together to ensure that the jobs that result from the development of the Oakland Army Base will go to Oakland residents, as a priority. » Read More
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PUEBLO Dinner an Outstanding Success!

Delicious chicken mole, wonderful entertainment, and lots of good news about PUEBLO's successful efforts in 2011 to celebrate.The recent PUEBLO dinner on November 11th was enjoyed by everyone. » Read More
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Judge: City Running Out of Time

No one knew what to expect from the Negotiated Settlement Agreement Status Hearing before Judge Henderson on September 22nd. As the Judge himself admitted at the outset, “This one is somewhat different.” Going on to comment that this is no longer “business as usual,” he stated that, “we need to change things that are being done as well as attitudes.” » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 09-23-2011

Round Table on Restorative Justice in Oakland

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 at 7:00 PM
On Tuesday, September 20th, PUEBLO will host a round table discussion on the restorative justice programs that are currently being implemented in Oakland. Join members of RJOY (Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth) and Sujatha Baliga J.D., Program Director, Community Justice Works to find out what programs are being implemented in Oakland, what challenges they face and how the community can pressure government officials to invest in this cost-effective and recidivism-reducing alternative to the traditional criminal justice approach. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Gail Bereola will also be with us; she directs the Alameda County Task Force on Restorative Justice. On hand will also be representatives from the Oakland Unified School District who are spearheading the restorative justice programs in Oakland schools. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 09-14-2011

PUEBLO's 22nd Anniversary Dinner Set!

Friday, November 11th, 2011 at 6:00 PM
This year's Anniversary Dinner Celebration will be on Friday, November 11th at 6 PM. Once again, we'll be at the beautiful Lake Merritt Sailboat House, with adjacent parking, right on the waterfront of Lake Merritt. Tickets can be purchased on line by clicking 'donate' on our website's home page, or they can be purchased by phoning us at 510 53 5 2525. The price is $35, with a sliding scale. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Tickets may also be purchased at the door, if space remains. » Read More
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KPFA's Education Today Interviews Rashidah

On September 9th, KPFA's Education Today interviewed Rashidah about PUEBLO's work with young people. The host, Killy Kelly Epstein asked many questions about the work PUEBLO has done to close Internal Affairs and re-route complaints against the police to the Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB), a civilian oversight agency. The discussion focused on the need for greater transparency and accountability and the importance of involving young people in the policy-making that directly impacts their lives. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 09-10-2011

PUEBLO Launches Oakland Young Policy Builders

PUEBLO is partnering with Concerned Black Men of Oakland to launch Oakland Youth Policy Builders, a program for young people from 14 to 23 years old. Participants will work to improve the relationship between the Oakland police officers and Oakland's youth. Utilizing the PUEBLO survey of over 700 high school students about their interactions with police, these young policy builders will analyze the data and propose changes in policy that are intended to lessen tensions and provide for a more constructive relationship. » Read More
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Youth Greening Oakland

This year, PUEBLO has expanded its summer youth program Urban Youth Harvest into an educational, job training program called Youth Greening Oakland. This year, fifteen Oakland young people are learning urban garden design, how to build compost and worm boxes, mulching, composting and permaculture skills. » Read More
| Created: 07-22-2011

City Council Closes Internal Affairs to the Public

On Thursday, June 30, the Oakland City Council decided to close Internal Affairs to residents' complaints against police, and consolidate the intake of those complaints at the Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB) in fiscal year 2012-2013. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 06-29-2011

City Council meets to decide 2 year budget!

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 at 5:30 PM
Council members Kaplan, Nadel, Schaaf and Kernighan have proposed closing Internal Affairs to the public and consolidating the intake of complaints against police at the Citizens’ Police Review Board in the 2011-2013 budget. But we need one more vote from the remaining four Council members in order for it to be adopted. Come to City Hall Tuesday, June 28 at 5:30 and speak on item #6 urging the Council to adopt this provision in the Kaplan proposal. Also, please call or email the remaining Council members. It’s NOT TOO LATE to make a difference. Tell them: • Internal Affairs is a waste of money and personnel • Sworn officers should be promoting public safety, not investigating citizens’ complaints » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 06-23-2011


Raise money for PUEBLO when you search or shop online! Raise a penny (or more!) for our organization every time you search the web. iSearchiGive.com is a search engine powered by iGive.com, the internet's first online shopping mall where a portion of each purchase is donated to your favorite cause. Over 700 of the web’s best stores participate in this free program, and up to 26% of each purchase benefits our cause! » Read More
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Meet Ana Villa!

Meet Ana! Here she is in her own words: My name is Ana Villa. I have been an intern at PUEBLO (People United for a Better Life in Oakland) since the summer of 2010. I just turned seventeen and will enroll in my senior year in American Indian Public High School. I am Hispanic, and I find it useful to be able to speak both English and Spanish fluently. » Read More
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The cuts being contemplated for parks, libraries, programs for seniors and other services is not only the consequence of an economy that has gone south, causing declining revenues. The budget deficit also derives from the disproportionate and unsustainable costs of public safety (police and fire) that cannibalize the City’s General Purpose Fund, leaving only crumbs for all the remaining public services. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 05-29-2011

Beyond Gang Injunctions: A Community Discussion

Oakland is notorious for a high level of homicide and violent crime. So, how do we keep our communities safe?! Gang injunctions are the latest proposal for law enforcement. They are part of a continuing strategy of policing and prosecution that promises to reduce gang violence and promote safety. But some argue that these strategies siphon money away from crucial community programs, attack civil liberties, and increase racial profiling and police violence on young black and brown men (exacerbating the problem and strengthening the cycle of violence). Join National Radio Project on Saturday, May 7th in our search for healthier alternative solutions. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 04-27-2011

Cocina De PUEBLO

PUEBLO is now offering Healthy Cooking Classes for ARISE High School students!!! We are very pleased to announce the exciting new project -- COCINA de PUEBLO!!! Program Director, Rosa Arciniega and her partner, Oscar, are working with youth to train and empower them in the kitchen and beyond. » Read More
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Police Accountabilty Needed NOW!!!!! Ya Basta!!!!!

As the Riders’ Negotiated Settlement Agreement heads toward a resolution within a year or so, there is considerable concern about what will follow it, in the way of civilian oversight of the Oakland Police Department. OPD has shown resistance to the mandated reforms, causing and additional three years to be added to the original five year period during which they were supposed to come into compliance. What will happen when the Police Department is no longer Monitored and overseen by a Federal judge? Will OPD go back to doing things the way they used to? If you care about police oversight and accountability, join the many organizations and individuals working with PUEBLO to ensure that Oakland has a vigorous, independent civilian oversight agency as we move forward. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 04-07-2011

What does "Public Safety" look like?

The prevailing notion is that public safety depends on how many police officers you have relative to the population, and, the more officers, the more safe. Yet, professors of criminology, criminal justice and even several police chiefs have all agreed that such a correlation has never been established. While it has been shown that 'police presence' does tend to reduce certain kinds of criminal activity, like car-jackings and commercial robberies, there is far less evidence to show that increased numbers of police officers leads to a reduction in violent crimes and/or homicides. » Read More
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A Call to All Potential Fruit and Vegetable DONORS

As the Spring leads into Summer, UYH is looking forward to its fifth summer of bountiful harvesting! We are still looking for fruit and vegetable donors as we work to expand our program so that we can continue to provide seniors in Oakland with fresh produce. If you would like to support Urban Youth Harvest in our efforts and you have a surplus of fresh produce in your yard, please contact us. » Read More
Pathways to Employment | Created: 03-31-2011

Urge Council to Cut Funding of Gang Injunctions

After packing these meetings for months, community members have pressured the Public Safety Committee to take action and put “gang” injunctions on the agenda! It’s really important for people from every Oakland neighborhood to speak at the hearing. SHOW UP EARLY ON 2/22 AT 5PM TO SIGN A SPEAKER’S CARD. OUR STRENGTH IS IN OUR PRESENCE AND KNOW WE CAN WIN! Now is the time to keep the pressure on and push our elected officials to stand with us against the injunctions! » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 02-17-2011

Riders Negotiated Settlement Hearing Intense!

On Thursday, March 17th, the first Status Hearing on the Riders’ Negotiated Settlement saw heated and impassioned exchanges from plaintiffs’ attorneys John Burris and Jim Chanin as well as Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts and Oakland City Attorney’s Office representative Rocio Fierro. Judge Thelton Henderson's opening remarks previewed his assessment of where things stand when he referenced Yogi Berra’s famous quote about “déjà vu all over again,” referencing continuing promises by the City of Oakland that they were making progress in getting to full compliance with the NSA. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 02-17-2011

GET IN THE MIX!!!!! A People's Hearing on Racism

IT'S ORGANIZING TIME!!! In the two years since Oscar Grant was killed, Oakland and Bay Area police have continued their reign of violence against our communities. The Hearing on Racism and Police Violence will finally be a chance for our communities to speak out on these issues. The event is organized by grassroots organizers and community members. Share your testimony about racist law enforcement. Demand accountability for the murders of Oscar Grant, Derrick Jones and other civil rights abuses committed by the state. February 19th & Sunday February 20th » Read More
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Progress in the Fight to Halt the Gang Injunctions

PUEBLO is in full support of the Stop the Injunctions Coalition. Last night, at the Public Safety Committee meeting, nearly 100 people turned out to voice their concerns to Oakland City Council Members about how gang injunctions only serve to further polarize our communities from feelings of safety and healthy police-citizen relations. At the meeting, Rashidah Grinage commented on an agenda item concerning the Oakland Police Department's compliance with the Negotiated Settlement Agreement. Rashidah asked the Council members to reflect deeply on the topic. She asked them to look beyond the check boxes of compliance, and really listen to the community to determine if the Oakland Police Department has bettered its relationship and standing with a significant number of Oakland's residents by moving forward with gang injunctions without first engaging the community. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 01-12-2011

Jean Quan: Civilianizing Police Complaint Process

We finally have posted the video clip of Jean Quan addressing PUEBLO's 21st Anniversary Dinner! The dinner was in the immediate wake of the final call which pronounced Jean Quan's victory in the 2010 Oakland Mayoral Race. Soon to be inaugurated, Quan cites several promising priorities for her coming term. Of particular interest to PUEBLO were the intentions she expressed about reuniting Oakland by backing our youth, her acknowledgment of the grassroots organizing that got her successfully elected, and, most of all, her statement about seeking to civilianize the CPRB -- something PUEBLO has been pushing for for quite some time now. » Read More
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The Oakland Citizens' Police Review Board held a symposium on Bias-Based Policing on December 9th. Acting Manager Patrick Caceres acted as moderator, introduced the panel of experts and then took questions and comments from the audience. Oakland Local featured an article highlighting the CPRB's functions and potential, in addition to eloquently explaining police bias and how to strategically combat it. Click the following link to check it out:

Experts, community discuss how to combat race bias in Oakland policing (Analysis)

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Community Peace | Created: 12-13-2010

Oakland Local Editorial

PUEBLO is concerned with how our Oakland Police communicate with the Oakland Community, and as Rashidah poses in the article, Chief Batts seems to be skipping some steps that would constitute such communication. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 12-09-2010


We were delighted to welcome Mayor Elect Jean Quan to PUEBLO's 21st Anniversary Dinner! on November 12th at the Sailboat House! Only a few days after the race was decided, Mayor Elect Quan kicked off our dinner celebration with some words of encouragement and commitment. The dinner was well attended and everyone seemed to have a great time. To catch the highlights, please check out the photos at: » Read More
Healthy Neighborhoods | Created: 12-01-2010

OCT. 22nd Oscar Grant Rally

Several organizations rallied on October 22nd at the Fruitvale BART station where Oscar Grant was murdered on New Year's Day 2009. Richard Brown of the San Francisco 8, against whom the charges have all been dismissed, talked about the start of the Black Panthers - a response to the outrageous Oakland police involved shootings of African-American men in the 70s. Rashidah Grinage spoke for PUEBLO, and representatives of other local groups talked about the ongoing violence perpetrated against people of color by the Oakland Police Department, as well as police departments all over the country. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 10-24-2010


PUEBLO has chosen the Honorable Judge Gail Bereola to receive its Community Leader Award at its upcoming annual dinner celebration on November 12th at the Lake Merritt Sailboat House at 568 Bellevue (entrance on Grand Ave at Fairyland) Judge Bereola is a Judge of the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda. She has been a judge for 19 years and is formerly the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court. Having convened the County’s Restorative Juvenile Justice Task Force in November 2007. » Read More
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PUEBLO moved to the Fruirtvale area in May of this year, so we thought it was appropriate to invite our District 5 Council person Ignacio de la Fuente to our office since we are now his constituents. » Read More
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Oakland's Mayoral Candidates were given a questionnaire about their views on police oversight. L.L.Young, Greg Harland and Don Perata failed to respond, although Mr. Perata is on record as favoring the closure of the Citizens' Police Review Board. » Read More
Healthy Neighborhoods | Created: 10-10-2010

A Progressive/Left Oakland Mayoral Forum

PUEBLO co-sponsored a Progressive/Left Oakland Mayoral Forum on October 11, from 8-11 PM at Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, Oakland (near Broadway) Candidates for Mayor of Oakland faced the progressive community in a forum co-sponsored by a grouping of organizations committed to social justice. Wilson Riles, Jr., a former member of the City Council, who has run for Mayor himself in the past, moderated the forum. Audience participation was included. » Read More
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In the Spring of 2010, Metwest senior Tamara Lawrence, supported by PUEBLO mentor Janice Embrey, administered a survey on students' experiences with and perceptions of the police. Over 800 students filled out questionnaires in their respective schools, and the results were analyzed by Research Development Associates (RDA), the same firm that the City of Oakland hired to evaluate its violence prevention and community policing programs. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 09-21-2010


Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefits Program sponsored a one day Employee Health Fair from 8 AM to 4 PM on Wednesday, September 15th. PUEBLO was invited to participate, along with other organizations that provide healthful programs that promote well-being and fitness. » Read More
Pathways to Employment | Created: 09-17-2010


It is now 8 years after the Negotiated Settlement Agreement that resulted from the infamous “Riders” Class Action law suit brought by Attorneys John Burris and Jim Chanin. The NSA was supposed to expire after 5 years, and cost the City of Oakland several millions of dollars in fees to an Independent Monitor Team that was employed to report on the compliance of OPD to Federal Judge Thelton E. Henderson. Because OPD was not in full compliance at the end of the 5 year period, the NSA was extended for 3 years, and, as reported in the 2nd Quarter report of 2010, OPD is still not in full compliance. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 09-16-2010

Got Fruit?

If you have excess fruits, vegetables, or herbs and would like to donate what you can't use to those in our community who lack access to fresh produce, you can be a donor to Urban Youth Harvest. Instead of letting all of that produce go to waste, let us collect it and deliver it to Oakland’s senior citizens who have need of fresh produce to maintain good health! » Read More
Pathways to Employment | Created: 09-09-2010

PUEBLO attends Racially Biased Policing Training

PUEBLO was invited by the Oakland :Police Department to participate in a two day training on Racially Biased Policing. This session was co-sponsored by the Oakland and Berkeley Police Departments and the top command staff of each Department attend. It was considered important to have community stakeholders present, as well as police officers. In addition to PUEBLO, the Berkeley Chapters of the ACLU and the NAACP also attended the training. The instructor was Dr. Lorie Fridell, the former Director of Research at the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), a national expert on racial profiling, or what she terms 'racially biased policing.' » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 08-19-2010

Listening Session in East Oakland

PUEBLO will sponsor a Listening Session for the Oakland Food Policy Council on Thursday, Aug. 12th! This session will be held at the East Oakland Boxing Association from 5-7 PM, with dinner and child care provided. » Read More
Healthy Neighborhoods | Created: 07-30-2010

PUEBLO co-hosts Fruitvale Listening Session

PUEBLO co-hosted a Fruitvale Listening Session with La Clinica de la Raza on behalf of the Oakland Food Policy Council on July 28th. The Council was interested in getting input from the residents about many issues they've been working on, related to whether folks have access to fresh, affordable healthy foods. » Read More
Healthy Neighborhoods | Created: 07-30-2010

It's Time to Act!

It's time to act, We want citizen complaints to go to the CPRB instead of Internal Affairs! The City Council passed a resolution to close Internal Affairs to complaints and send them to the Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB) but without funding, it won't happen. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 07-18-2010

Mayoral Forum a Huge Success!

The Mayoral Forum on Public Safety Issues was a huge success last Thursday! The Lakeshore Baptist Church was filled, all the candidates except Don Perata participated, and those who attended were very appreciative of the opportunity to learn where the candidates stand on the critically important issue of public safety. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 07-18-2010


Thursday, July 15th, 2010 at 7:00 PM
PUEBLO invites you to participate in a Mayoral Forum on Public Safety Issues scheduled for Thursday, July 15th at 7 PM at the Lakeshore Baptist Church, 3534 Lakeshore Avenue. There can be no doubt that public safety issues, including police staffing costs, Measure Y, the gang injunction and community policing practices are among the greatest areas of concern to Oakland residents. We believe that clarifying the candidates’ positions on these, and other public safety concerns, will allow voters to make an informed choice on Election Day in November. » Read More
Healthy Neighborhoods | Created: 06-29-2010

PUEBLO presents forum on Restorative Justice!

PUEBLO presents forum on Restorative Justice! We are proud to co-host, along with Oakland Restorative Justice for Youth, a dialogue on Restorative Justice, featuring Paul McClod, Ph.D., a renowned expert in the field. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 06-18-2010

East Park 17X NCPC hosts John Russo

On Thursday, May 20th, the East Park 17X NCPC (Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council) invited City Attorney John Russo to discuss the gang injunction he is seeking for members of the Northside Gang which operates in North Oakland. » Read More
Community Peace | Created: 05-22-2010


Pathways to Employment

Training local residents and youth for employment » More

Healthy Neighborhoods

Oakland youth creating delicious and nutritious community gardens. » More

Community Peace

Working for community policing. » More