About Pathways to Employment

Through incubating new businesses and providing training for local residents and youth in industries that will provide economic opportunity and employment, PUEBLO creates a broad spectrum of means for full employment.

Highway to Work

Highway to Work (H2W) is a program funded by the Alameda County Social Services Department. PUEBLO has been part of this program since July 2012. The program supports Alameda County residents who are in foster care, probation, or CalWorks-CalLearn, between the ages of 14-17, to transition into responsible and productive adulthood. This program encourages and supports academic/educational development and job experience by the means of meaningful paid internships and supplementary education, vocational trainings, and other leadership/related workshops. Each participant is case managed to work towards the participant’s educational, career, and personal goals.

Innovations in Reentry (currently inactive)

This program serves Black and Latino men who live in Oakland ages 19 years and older, formerly incarcerated or incarcerated at Santa Rita Jail and San Quentin Prison. They are generally recruited while they are incarcerated from one to three months pre-release and introduced to restorative justice. They also will get case management services and assistance in developing their transitional plan in preparation of being released. Post-release clients will have to participate in restorative justice healing circles and be assigned a mentor. PUEBLO will also provide case management services that assist them with the development of risk and needs assessments; and an employment and educational plan to assist them in accomplishing their goals. PUEBLO will also work with them in getting job ready and assist them in finding training and/or employment. Clients will also be referred to or assisted with other wrap around services such as housing, food, transportation, anger management, interviews, clothing and other required services in order to make a successful transition back into society.

Cocina de PUEBLO

Cocina de PUEBLO is an incubator project of PUEBLO that is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) worker owned cooperative restaurant that has the objective of being a locally owned business employing residents from the neighborhood. The workers are learning on the job about the knowledge and business practices necessary to operating a business. It is also an education and training program which gives youth and reentry young adults hands-on experiences in how to plan and prepare delicious, healthy, culturally appropriate meals using fresh, affordable ingredients.


Healthy Neighborhoods

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Community Peace

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